2004 Baseball Season in Review: Part 2

Have there ever been a more diverse duo in the dugout than manager Ozzie Guillen (constant unintelligible chatter) and bench coach Harold (speaks less often than Grasshopper) Baines? It?s like the White Sox hired Penn and Teller to coach the team.

Surprise prediction for AL MVP: Rafael Palmiero. Combine going back to the friendly confines of Camden Yards, with him switching from Viagra to Cialis and Raffy should be able to go all out for a full weekend, including doubleheaders.

Leafing through the Reds Media Guide I was surprised to find that pitcher Todd Jones? favorite television show is ?Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? and his favorite player is Kazuhito Tadano. Not that there is anything wrong with that

(Look out for the final installment, tomorrow)