Dateline: DC

Just returned from working at the Improv in DC and let me say that our nation’s capital is a great place to visit. From the White House to Midtown to Dupont Circle, it’s just a great place to walk around and explore. Sure traffic sucks, but if you wanted to live where the action is I would choose DC, way above New York, Chicago, or other cities many cite. (Of course, having a lot of money and having the constitution to deal with the oppressive summers is needed to optimize the experience in DC. )

There are a lot of great local sports shows across the country, but I have to say that the Sports Reporters in DC is the best I’ve heard. Hosted by Steve Saban and Andy Polley, this show is funny, smart and edgy. Considering that the hosts are nationally-known figures on Fox and ESPN radio, respectively, this might not be such an epic statement, but I think the local show they do together, outshines anything on any national sports show, except maybe the Dan Patrick Show. Would be interested to get feedback on what local sports shows across the country are the best, according to the WCW participants. Will and I both do a lot of local sport shows across the country and speaking for myself, there are a lot of annoying, lacking in knowledge guys out there.