Junk E-mail

The two most consistent junk senders I receive are from “enlarge your penis” ads or bulletin points from the Republican National Committee touting how they are making the world a better place. I have no idea who sold me out to these two organizations, but I can tell you, I treat their claims with the same skepticism. Maybe the Bush administration’s October Surprise is a new drug that can increase the size of the male member. If that is the case, the few white men who aren’t set to vote for Bush/Cheney will have to join the Republican ledger.

(Note: Too many posts lately have been about fine wine, philosophy, and travel to Swedish outposts, so I felt it was time to reach the other half who reads this blog. I guess everyone has a role to play and mine is the anti-intellectual one. Maybe the Bush for President emails are working on me, subliminally.)