Miracle on Wood

So the USA team is squashed by Puerto Rico and I have to say, I like it. When you look at the rosters, it’s a more impressive victory than the miracle on ice. Of course, since the US team was beaten handlily by Italy in a pre-Olympic game, it’s not seen that way, but truly it should be.

It’s time to blow-up the US Basketball program and try a different path. Pay the players a CBA style wage and have them make a 2-year commitment ending at the 2008 games. Sure the quality of player will go down, but we at least should be able to produce a better quality TEAM than Puerto Rico or Italy and it will be a TEAM, not a group of individuals who can’t shoot a jumper. Then, I will be able to root for my country again, which the current dream team, I mean Nightmare team has made so difficult.

(I should note that the current US Olympic team and coaches shouldn’t be treated like lepers, because they did give up their NBA off-seasons to play for the US. It just hasn’t been fun, even when the Dream Team was beating people by 40. A young TEAM would be much better for our country to offer, win or lose.)