Just another post about Jenna Jameson

Ok, so I got your attention. I’m flipping around on the tube, when I see a flash graphic that says VH-1 News Presents: Jenna Jameson. Now I’m aware that the channel that brings us the Top 40 Hairbands of All-time and reruns of the Surreal Life is not going to bring a hard-hitting Frontline piece on illegal tax shelters, but the dramatic way they presented this show was truly ridiculous.

During the “documentary”, America’s most popular porno star reveals that she was sexually abused when a teenager and had a troubled relationship with her father. Shocker! If you’ve watched just one interview by Howard Stern with one of these sex performers it would’ve told you this would be the case. When is the FCC going to acknowledge that Howard is like an anthropologist when it comes to the subject of porn actress’ childhoods.

It’s actually interesting watching the show, as one minute Jameson discusses how she has been victimized and the next minute she tells how she hated men, but was completely focused on trying to fool them to enrich her bank account.

My favorite part of the program is when Jenna discusses how she was next to death and some friend of her boyfriend had come over and talked her into getting out of Las Vegas and going to stay with her father in California. Jenna claims this saved her life and she wanted to go back and and thank him, because she hadn’t seen him since this life-saving moment.

Not since the Leif Garrett, Behind the Music episode has something been more uncomfortably staged. If you don’t recall that moment, Leif meets up for the first time with the guy who he had caused to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, because of a certain dreamy Pop Idol was blotto drunk behind the wheel and buddy had the misfortune of being in the passenger seat. Thanks again, VH-1.
Well, I’ve wasted enough of your time. I just needed to vent. I will never be able to gain the hour I wasted watching this “documentary”, but maybe I’ve saved you from making the same mistake.