A Few Batters Who Have Fallen Under the Radar Screen

Was reading an article about how Melvin Mora has been an elite player in 2004 and thought I would do a little digging to find some other batters who you might have been unaware of how great they’ve been playing this year. I was not looking for players like Adrian Beltre, who have received a lot of notoriety (deservingly so) for their breakouts, but batters who you might have not noticed.

Travis Hafner has fulfilled much of the promise many have predicted of him, this season. With a .984 OPS, it’s amazing to think that the Rangers had him, Texiera, and Blalock together in the minors.

Mark Loretta has always been a solid player, not much more, but in 2004, he has an overall OPS of .903, 90 POINTS HIGHER THAN THE NEXT BEST SECOND BASEMAN!

In one of the great bone-head trades of the past 10 years, the Mariners let go an above average Shortstop for very little in return. Carlos Guillen has always been underrated, but this season he’s mashing at a .942 OPS, 50 Points better than the next SS on the list.

Racking up impressive minor league season after minor league season, Lew Ford was like a few other Twins prospects, waiting for an opportunity. Ford’s .391 OBP has made it hard for the team to sit him down.

Maybe the biggest surprise statistically of all players this season has been the emergence of Aaron Rowand. Seen by most as a 4th Outfielder type, Rowand has an OPS of .945 and a SLG Avg. of .576. Add to this stealing 15 bases in 18 attempts and playing an excellent centerfield and you are looking at the offensive bright spot for the White Sox.

By the way, did you know that 7 Catchers in the Majors have an OBP of .372 or greater? Has there ever been a season that this has happened? My guess would be no.