Political Question of the Day

I watched Terry McAuliffe, Democratic Party Chairman, on one of the TV talkshows and just like every other time I’ve seen him, he came off creepy and annoying. I always find myself appreciating the way his counterpart offers his points, Republican Party Chairman, Ed Gillespie, despite being generally aligned with McAuliffe’s party.

I realize that McAuliffe has been a top-line fund raiser and I also know that his job is about being a bulldog for his candidate, but McAuliffe just makes me feel queasy when stating his party’s case.

This brings me to this question. Which person who is involved with your party, do you dislike the most? Answer this by stating what would be the best description of where you are at politically. My example would be, Moderate Democrat- Terry McAuliffe.

By the way, Democrats, please do not list Zell Miller, as anyone Sean Hannity lists as “a Democrat he can respect” is no longer aligned with the Dems.