Clay Aiken to Join Chicago Cubs Broadcasting Booth (Parody)

The Tribune Company has announced that the World’s Greatest Entertainer, Clay Aiken, will sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at all games in Wrigley during 2005. In related news, White Sox fans finally have something to be happy about and there has been a rolling over movement spotted at the grave of Harry Caray.

(Note to Clayheads: Please post this at all Clay-lovin’ sites, as I love being part of your freaky community.)

See what happens when Will leaves for the Winter Meetings. Anarchy ensues.
Speaking of the Winter Meetings, I read the following headline, Talk, Little Action at Winter Meetings and assumed it was discussing ALL-BASEBALL.COM bloggers who attended the meetings and were trying to score at the hotel bar.

I know Will has been swamped with all kinds of projects, but I’m sure his recap of Anaheim will be worth the wait.

Now, I need to get back to perusing my Clay Aiken 2005 Calendar. Remember, Clay did not come up with the calendar idea, it was presented to him and he decided to do it as a public service to all his fans who are confused by days and months. Another good deed by St. Clay.