Shallow Thoughts

I have to say, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for the Yankees, even if the Dodgers reneged on a deal. Randy Johnson has said he only wants to go to one team, the Yankees. Name me another sport where a guy with a current contract can determine he wants to only go to one other team and he would get his wish. In the NFL and the NBA players have little opportunity to move from their current teams, which I feel is unfair, but no more unfair than having a league where one team can sign pretty much whomever they want.

For Christmas I open a gift from my wife, “Measure of a Man” by Clay Aiken. Is there any wonder I had to marry this broad. I mean that is a special kind of smart-assness. (new word?) By the way, the last time I could claim a personal “measure of a man”, I was 15 and I was by myself with a ruler. (more information than you probably needed?)

I’m not a lawyer, but I think you would have a pretty good defense for beating a speeding ticket in court, if you mentioned you were listening to Ministry’s Greatest Fits. If that’s not a law, it should be, especially Jesus Built My Hotrod, which is impossible to drive under 75, while listening to.

So the NFC will put in at least one 8-8 football team in the playoffs, while it’s still possible a 7-9 team will be there, also. Makes Major League Baseball’s current playoff system even look better, purist or not.

I somehow receive a lot of porno junk mail and if you’re part of this group, please note that a lot of things might seem interesting to me, but “Mr. Ed Gets Head” is not one of them. Hey, I grew up in Iowa, but barnyard sex is not my idea of making me hot. I’m glad I could use this space to clear that up.

The following comes from my good friend and very funny comic, Rik Roberts.
Have you seen the Maurice Clarrett action figure? You pull a few strings and he squeals like a pig. Comes with a car and an attitude. Not as cool as the Troy Smith action figure, it actually comes with its own gifts. Guaranteed to disappear around Christmas. The set is completed by the Andy Geiger figure, it can’t think outside of the box. It doesn’t do much, just lies around all day. He comes with a phone that has a direct line to the NCAA

I will be performing at the Hyatt in Indianapolis for their big New Year’s Eve extravaganza, so if you’re in the area and looking for something to do……