Gary Bettman for President

I”m not a big fan of hockey and I think NHL honcho Gary Bettman all or nothing behavior threatens the sport’s future, but maybe his fiscal tightness would make for a good President. Our current one, as I’ve mentioned before, spends money like a 16 year-old girl with her first credit card. Just check out this commentary from the Washington Times.

“Now for that reality check. Mr. Bush proposes the federal government spend $2.57 trillion, or $2,570 billion, in the next fiscal year. That’s 38 percent more than the federal government spent in the last year of President Bill Clinton’s term. Spending on programs for the poor is up even more, about 45 percent. Annual spending has risen $700 billion since Mr. Bush took office.”
“This is indeed President Bush’s tightest budget yet, but that’s like being the slimmest sumo wrestler in the ring.”

Now I know some of you will respond with “that’s just the case of another liberal media bias.” Yes, the Washington Times is well known for it’s left-wing leanings. Bush has had too much power for too long and it’s time for more Republicans to start calling him out on his outlandish spending.