NCAA Tourney First Day Thoughts

Authors Note: I realize that The Juice Blog is affilated with BASEBALL Toaster, but hey, what am I going to to add to the Senate Hearings on Steroids that Will hasn’t. Well, except that Rafael Palmiero looked really dreamy. Let’s add Raffy to the small list of guys who look good with a mustache. Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Burt Reynolds (circa 1976), Harry Reems, Dennis Eckersley, and Rollie Fingers/Fred Goldman. (I believe Fingers and Goldman are the same guy, but on second thought, scratch them from the list. The handlebar only looks good on a Schwinn or Leroy Nieman) Now, if you haven’t done it yet, go read Will’s tivoblogging on the hearings, it’s the best stuff on the topic anywhere you can find on the web. Now, my b-ball tourney thoughts from Day One.

I had only seen him play a couple of times, but after watching Andrew Bogut, I have no doubt he is the best player in College Basketball and should be the Number 1 pick in the NBA Draft. Bogut reminds me of a young Arvydas Sabonis, who was a dominant player before he started battling injuries. (pre-NBA days)”

If you read my Tourney preview, you would know that I wasn’t surprised Wisconsin-Milwaukee would provide the first big upset in the brackets. Bruce Pearl’s team should have beaten Notre Dame a couple of years ago and it’s been a miracle for the school that he wasn’t snatched up then by a bigger university. Pearl, a former assistant to Dr. Tom Davis, runs many of the same sets and presses that the very innovative Davis has made his trademark. Unlike the good Doctor, Pearl is a dynamite salesman. Recruiting has always been Davis’ biggest liability, something Pearl excels at. Don’t be surprised if Wisconsin-Milwaukee beats Boston College in Round 2, as their press matches up well against the fourth seed. Oh and by the way, BC is Pearl’s alma mater.

The $59 dollar price for the March Madness package is too steep, for what you get. It’s really just for the first round. Come on, the whole season college basketball package is only $99 bucks.

What kind of acid trip is happening in Boise? Their basketball court is even more hideous than their blue football field. The court is covered with more decals than a NASCAR drivers uniform. Where is a classic parquet floor when you need one?

A lot of people think of Billy Packer or Dick Vitale, when they hear the voice of college basketball. Me. Dick Enberg. From his days in the 70’s doing UCLA basketball to his days smoothly running the best basketball announcing crew of all-time, with Al McGuire and the before mentioned Packer, Enberg is the best all-around play-by-play man in sports history. He’s excelled in football and tennis, as well. Can I get an Oh My!

Hey, will someone mention to the players at the RCA dome in Indy that for the second round, it would be wise to go lighter on the 3-point attempts. Domes are notorious for causing shooting difficulties and in the 4 games today, the teams made only 40 of 128 attempts. The only team which shot the trifecta with any LUCK was Cincinnati. I capitalize LUCK, because they had a lot of guys heaving bricks which somehow found the net. Jason Maxiell is an excellent player, but when the guy misses the only 3 attempt he tries all regular season and then proceeds to hit both his attempts in his first round game, it’s hard for me to believe that the 50% the Bearcats shot in the dome was much more than a fluke.

Speaking of the Bearcats, CBS kept showing Porkopolis’ own, Nick Lachey, who was ecstatic at the team’s results. Looking at the pumped-up Lachey, it might be time to contact your local House of Representative mentioning that Mr. Simpson appears to be on the Juice. Boy band heart-throbs being admonished for setting a bad example for the youth of America is must-see TV for me.

Finally, as hard as CBS tried to create excitement, the games on the first day were pretty blah blah blah. Don’t expect to see any shots from Thursday going in the canon of great tourney moments, next to Christian Laettner, U.S. Reed, or Bryce Drew.

2 thoughts on “NCAA Tourney First Day Thoughts

  1. 1.  $59? Time Warner Digital has all the games on four channels for free.

    As a UWM Alum, life is very good this morning. I will not be surprised with a win over BC, obviously the Panthers like playing in the Wolstein Center having beaten Cleveland St. by 22 and now ‘bama by 10 in the building.

    I agree Enberg is one of the best and pairing him with Bilas makes for a great pair.

  2. 2.  I’m a BSU fan, and I think the blue turf is fun and interesting (and the objections to it seem to come down to “It’s just WRONG!”), but I can’t defend the basketball court. Beyond tacky. Although the Cleveland court with the big green patches are no prize either.

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