Two Great Stories You Should Catch

The thing that ties me to my childhood baseball memories more than anything are baseball cards. I’ve been meaning to post something on this subject for the past year, but 2 of the writers here at Baseball Toaster have beaten me to it. I’m going to link them, as they are both outstanding.

If you are like me, reading about the Yankees isn’t a priority, as I have a hatred/jealousy of them. Even if you fit this demo, you should check out Alex Belth’s Bronx Banter anyway, as his stories and interviews are top-notch. A great example is the piece he did on cards back in January.

When we all came together to create Baseball Toaster, a lot of what brought us here had to do with the technological skills of Ken Arneson and his vision is something we wanted to be a part of. What sometimes gets lost is that Ken is also an excellent writer. Check out his Catfish blog, when you get the time. His latest is a wonderfully nostalgic look at baseball cards.

On the subject of things you should read, it’s time to order my blogmate’s (that sounds a bit unseemly doesn’t it?) book. I’ve read some of the stuff, when Will was putting it together and as the blurbs for the book mention, it’s the real story of steroids in baseball, not the load we are served in the newspapers, radio talkshows, and television reports.

Also, if you haven’t done it yet, mention to your friends how this place called the Baseball Toaster is something they should check out. You don’t have to just be a baseball fan to enjoy it, though that is our focus. The Toaster, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.