Baseball+Sex=Interesting Blog?

The world of blogs is still an evolving one, but with so many options on the web, I’ve always held the opinion that being more profane is the missing element that can set apart blogs from traditional media. We are still finding our way in regards to this concept, as Will and I realize that there is a fine line between being edgier and worrying about how our audience is going to react to more “adult themes”.

While the site I’m linking to southsideadventures is not exactly the direction I want to go, I do think it’s a unique site, breaking through the glut of your typical baseball blogs. I know most sports bloggers would disagree, but I really appreciate when the author shares some of their personal life, as it gives me a better idea of what this writer is like.

2 thoughts on “Baseball+Sex=Interesting Blog?

  1. 1.  I don’t know, blogs these days seem to be filled with a little too much self-importance. They’re not like the blogs of yore. Throw in a few half-dressed women and we may have something here. Hell, I remember when my idol (Mike Marshall) was dating my girlfriend’s idol (Belinda Carlisle) – all was good in the world.

    But now the Dodgers suck and Belinda Carlisle is 47 or 48. Bring on the half-naked women…

  2. 2.  Belinda Carlisle professes to be 46, but will turn 47 next month.

    Mike Marshall is 45.

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