College Football Bloggers?

Scott’s Rule No. 42: The 2 best regular seasons in sports are baseball and college football. With the 162 game schedule, MLB enables teams to grow, as the season is as much about evolution as anything else. (See the Oakland A’s almost every year.) College Football is the diametrical opposite, with every game being crucial to winning a national title. I guess I’m a man of extremes, as I love the pacing of both seasons.

While we know there are a lot of excellent baseball bloggers, I don’t know of one good football blogger, so if you know of a quality one, please drop me an email or post the address in the comment section. If you are looking for the best college football preview, pick up Phil Steele’s, as it even trumps Sporting News and Street and Smith. Football handicapper Steele focuses his whole year on football and the mix of analysis and statistics is unsurpassed in his jam-packed preview.

Look out for my college football preview later this week.

13 thoughts on “College Football Bloggers?

  1. 1.  … and you showed exactly why I couldn’t care less about football of any stripe. One bad game and you’re done.

  2. 2.  I don’t know of any, either. Have you asked Russell Levine over at Football Outsiders? If anyone knows, I imagine it’s him.

    I’m a big college football fan (Purdue). If you guys have a Baseball Toaster meetup at a Big Ten college football game (IU, perhaps?), let me know.

  3. 6.  I’m a two sport guy myself…..Fightin’ Illini basketball and well, you know……..

    The last football game I saw was when the kicker from the Bills blew the Super Bowl.

  4. 7.  Don’t forget the small colleges, either! Quality football is played on all levels of college ball. (Yes, I’m biased, but why not support college teams where the kids actually go to class, study, and graduate in four years with a worthwhile major?)

  5. 9.  All the other divisions besides I-A have viable playoff systems. Support them!

    D-1 should have a 16-team playoff with all of the conference champs plus some at large teams.

  6. 10.  I’m pretty down on Minor League Football — err — College Football. It’s the only sport where you vote for the best team rather then determining a champion on the field, and those who like the “atmosphere” must have a thing for marching bands and male cheerleaders.

  7. 11.  Diving Jeter. Ouch.

    As I’ve gotten older, I have really gotten into marching bands, as it’s part of the whole being at a college game experience, which blows pro football away. In regards to male cheerleaders, I did like Will Ferrell’s character (Craig?) on SNL and of course, our president was one at Yale. Uh, maybe that wasn’t the best example.

  8. 12.  I am a student at a small eastern college and until now I thought I’d never experience the things I read here…oh, wait, wrong intro.

    Seriously, as an alumni of a major but not a superpowered major college athletic program, I can say that, having been to see all pro sports live, and all major college sports live – there is nothing as fraternal (and I don’t mean in the Joe College sense) and just as completely enjoyable as a day at the college stadium with the barbecue, brew, bands, ballgame. Whether you like the sport and how it’s run, there is nothing like that experience.

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