How are the Football Picks? Try 10-1 Over Past 2 Weeks

Yeah, you read that correctly. Last week gave out 3 picks in the NFL. All winners. With colleges off this week preparing for the Bowl season (look for preview next week), it’s another all Pro’s week. At this point of the year, you have to search hard for which teams have quit and let me tell you, there are quite a few that have. Don’t think I’m going with favorites this week, though, as I found 4 good dogs to jump on. The one thing you will notice about the following selections are they are all lousy games. Actually, there are very few decent games this week, so this might be the weekend to pretend like you are not a sports addict and take your lady to a movie. Make sure to write the date down, so you can come back with this fact when she accuses you of just laying around the couch every weekend.

4 star New Orleans (+10.5) Atlanta
3 star Cleveland (+12.5) Cincinnati
3 star Houston (+7) Tennessee
3 star St. Louis (+7) Minnesota
3 star Green Bay (-5.5) Detroit

The Saints have been given an impossible task of trying to compete without a home field in 2005. While their record isn’t too hot, they have been competitive in most games this year. I’ve been been saying it all season, Atlanta is overrated. Falcons win by a field goal.
I wrote at the beginning of the season that the Bengals had the second best offense in the NFL, behind the Colts. While I love Cincy’s offense, the Browns have continued to play hard under Crennel. Expect the battle of Ohio to be closer than expected.
All year I’ve been burned on taking the Texans, but come on, the Titans shouldn’t be a TD favorite over any professional team and that even includes former WFL teams. (I would make them a 10 point favorite over the 1974 Portland Storm, though.)
Why is it that I can’t believe in the Vikings, despite Broadway Brad Johnson winning week after week? I guess I can be convinced they will win again this week, but closer than the 7.
It sure looks like the Lions have quit. The whole organization needs a reshuffling. The Packers have been a big disappointment, but they still seem to be playing hard, despite all their injuries. Chilly Lambeau Field in December swallows up another dome team.

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    Good luck on your final four. Let me guess: Duke, UConn, and some other two teams!

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