Happy New Year from Bill O’Reilly and Phil Donahue

After a contentious 2004 at thejuiceblog.com, we were a more toned down version in 2005. Well, I thought what better way to begin 2006 than to present some video from Fox News. As they like to say, YOU DECIDE.

Happy New Year to all our readers. Hopefully 2006 will bring another World Series title to Chicago. (And I think we all know there is only one team that could happen to.)

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Bill O’Reilly and Phil Donahue

  1. 2.  Now that’s a great name for a new show, frank. Oh wait a minute, that’s show is already on Fox. Hannity and Colmes.

  2. 3.  What is the longest Bill O’Reilly has ever let a guest talk without interuption?? Ten seconds?? Regardless of political affiliation how can anyone watch a show who’s main feature is interupting the guest??

  3. 4.  I tried downloading the video but my WMP declined the task on moral grounds.

    Thanks, I’ll be here all week…

  4. 6.  Will play it again before my hip replacement surgery. No gain withoug pain. So much for the First Amendment.

    Notable lines: he was a bad guy, but he was our bad guy (Phil); loud doesn’t make right (Phil); you have no idea how to fight a war (Bill); two things have doubled, the number of dead and the price of Haliburton stock (Phil); and no democracy without dissent (Phil).

    Thanks for the memory.

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