Schizo Scott: Don’t Play a Game of Pepper with this Guy

(BEWARE: Political talk will follow. Remember, you have been warned.)

Now repeat after me. Guns Don’t Shoot People. Vice Presidents Shoot People.

If it wasn’t bad enough that RICH** Cheney shoots someone and then fails to mention it to the White House for a day, the initial comment by his office was that the VP had just “peppered” his victim. (** Please note that I don’t call him Dick or Richard, as I believe RICH in all caps is the best way to describe a guy, who received an extremely golden parachute after leaving Halliburton.)

I’m really tired of how this administration never answers to the press besides a few blurbs in a Bob Woodward book. This is why I wasn’t too bothered by the shots (verbal) that Gee Dub took while attending Coretta Scott King’s funeral. Neither of these guys ever faces a crowd, which might disagree with them. I’m not saying they should go on a tour of liberal college bookstores, but they do owe the American people a lot more explanation of their political decisions than what they currently offer. Cheney hasn’t had a regular press conference in over 3 and half years. Shameful.

Bill O’Reilly has been touting how this isn’t that big of a deal, as the shooting only affected one guy, the victim. This from the same guy who made his career going after another politician (Bill Clinton) for being involved in an incident which only affected one person. (M. Lewinsky) When you think about it, Clinton and Cheney both sprayed their victims in the face, but Monica’s recovery was a lot easier, basically just needing a blue dress and one big gulp. I don’t totally disagree with O’Reilly, as the manufacturing of evidence for the war in Iraq and the involvement of the VP in the Valerie Plame case are much larger issues than an accidental shooting.

Of course, O’Reilly doesn’t focus much on these issues, as he felt the biggest story over the weekend was Al Gore making incendiary comments about how the American government has treated Muslims. While I’m not a big fan of Gore’s comments, to treat them as the biggest story of the day is lunacy. Gore is yesterday news. No wait a minute, John Kerry is yesterday’s news. Gore is a fringe player at this point. Just a (justifiably in my eyes) bitter man, who is given to speaking on important truths, but often adds a little too much hyperbole, which ultimately wrecks his message. At least the guy was a top-notch Vice President, though, unlike what we have gotten from RICH.

How is it that RICH can turn down the advice of the White House that he should tell the mainstream press about the incident, instead of offering it to some paper in Corpus Christi? How is that RICH can continue to not answer to anyone about his questionable behavior? I’m tired of people claiming that our current President is a strong leader, as he continues to fail to police his own HOUSE. While facing more pressure from the press, the ineffective opposition leadership provided by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Howard Dean will probably allow the current administration to slide through it.

What a sad time in American political history. Maybe the 22nd Amendment wasn’t such a great idea, as we need a shot of Slick Willie.

9 thoughts on “Schizo Scott: Don’t Play a Game of Pepper with this Guy

  1. 1.  Do veeps generally hold lots of press conferences? If he hadn’t just shot a guy, what would he talk about at one?

  2. 2.  Uh, maybe he could discuss what his role was in the Valerie Plame case. Or more importantly, how he continued to lead the charge on the misinformation he continually dished out about a tie to Iraq and 9/11. Rumsfeld has been the only figure in this current White House who consistently held press conferences. If you like the press or not, they are the conduits to us, the American People. Less secrecy—more forthcoming should be the MANTRA. Not the Nixonian behavior of feeling that “we the administration don’t need to share what we are doing”, which is what Cheney believes in.

  3. 3.  Scott, I heard a clip on NPR yesterday from a Scott McClellan press briefing. At the time, McClellan was talking about Cheney and the shooting. An NBC reporter took him to task, saying, and I paraphrase, “Scott, those aren’t answers you’re giving us. We all know what answers are and you’re not giving them to us.”

    I almost punched my car window I was so mad. It takes Cheney accidentally shooting a guy for the press to grow a pair? Where the hell was that kind of indignation during the past 5 years? NOW the press is upset about not getting answers?! Over this!?!?

    I ended up not punching anything but I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to vomit.

  4. 4.  I’m with you on this one, Shaun. It seems like the mainstream press is afraid to take on the White House, unless it’s when they are involved in a personal incident like this one or the gulf coast flood. I’m guessing they figure that the American people will accept it then, but when it comes to anything with the war, the major corporations who run the networks tell the media to pull back, as they don’t want to anger the American public. The American public hasn’t taken well to people questioning our reasons, as the administration skews tough questions and dissent into “your not supporting the troops”. We are finally reaching a point where things have went so badly that the majority of the American public isn’t behind Iraq, so the media is starting to get tougher.

  5. 5.  You might be interested in Jay Rosen’s take on this (Journalism prof, NYU). He’s got a good blog, and here’s the link to his entry:

    He talks about the WH attitude toward the press, and how the press hasn’t figured out that they’re not even wanted by these guys. Kinda “He’s just not into you” for journalists.

  6. 6.  It all goes back to 9/11, man. If that hadn’t happened, this administration wouldn’t have had a way to scare the press for the following several years. It served as pretext for every lie we were told about Iraq. It helped Republicans scare Democrats into tapping a cipher with war experience to run for president, rather than somebody — anybody — who might have had a chance to win the personality game that is American politics anymore. Without 9/11, people would have had to pay attention to Bush’s domestic policy, which has been an unmitigated disaster at every turn, and there’s no way Bush have been elected. (Note I do not say “re-elected”.) This administration was given a big fat gift that Tuesday morning four years ago, and it has never hesitated to play politics with national tragedy. It just makes me sick.

  7. 7.  Not much to add but this:

    “When you think about it, both Clinton and Cheney both sprayed their victims in the face, but Monica’s recovery was a lot easier, basically just needing a blue dress and one big gulp.”

    Priceless. That’s one great line.

  8. 8.  Actually, it’s much too great a line, especially when you crack up reading it and the woman you share your office with asks, “What’s so funny?”

  9. 9.  Thanks. My goal with most of my posts is to have something just offensive enough that if it’s uttered in the workplace, it could get someone suspended. I’m capable of writing stuff that could get someone fired, but I pull back, as I know suspension gives my readers a chance for a nice vacation, while still keeping their benefits.

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