WBC, Aiken, and the Verbal Teabagger Strikes Again

  • I still can’t figure it out if I’m excited about this World Baseball Classic yet. I suspect the games between the Latin American countries will be the best, as I’m guessing a Dominican Republic/Venezuela match could end up with the intensity of an Olympic waterpolo match. (Blood in the pool.)

  • Put me down on the list of people who don’t think the U.S. should have a foreign country in control of some of our major ports. I don’t care if it’s the United Arab Emirates or the United Colors of Benetton, it’s a bad precedent.

  • When it was mentioned that J.J. Redick was set to become the all-time scoring leader in ACC history, I figured he would break the record of someone like Tim Duncan, Ralph Sampson, James Worthy, or Christian Lattner. When I found out that Redick broke the record by passing up some guy named Dickie Hemric, I thought I had read a misprint. (On a related note, I came down with a bad case of Dickie Hemric during my college days. The cure? Penicillin and getting drunk. I wasn’t told I should do the drinking, but between a heavy dose of Jager and Amoxicillin, my hemric subsided.)

  • Hopefully you’ve read Ryan Wilkins’ excellent review of the top 10 flicks of 2005. Thanks Ryan. Be on the lookout for his very timely breakdown of who he expects will win the 2003 baseball playoffs. (Sorry about that Ryan, I had an Ozzie Guillen moment.)

  • Speaking of Mr. Verbal Teabag, I read this blurb in the Chicago Tribune:

    White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski, minor-league strength coach Dale Torborg and Ozzie Guillen participated in the taping of a Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling segment to be shown on Spike TV in two weeks.

    In my post last week, I wrote that Ozzie seemed to be most influenced by pro wrestling managers. I see the future.

    Another example of my Nostradamus-like skills is this story entitled FANS WANT TO SUE CLAY AIKEN FOR BEING VIRGINAL, ASEXUAL CHARACTER. I will be waiting here for all the apologies from the ClayNation, who besmirched me for my thoughts on the “Gayken.” (Gayken is a name comedian Kathy Griffin dubbed him.)

  • I just caught the pics of Lindsay Lohan in Vanity Fair. Let me say that I’m a sucker for women with freckles. In a world where most models are overly-airbrushed, it’s refreshing to see a beautiful woman have a natural look. Now Lindsay, it’s time to gain some more of your weight back. Last year, when you were the fleshy, raven-haired honey, you had that whole young Ann Margaret thing workin’. And was there anything much yummier than a young Ann Margaret?

  • So former Detroit Tigers owner Tom Monaghan wants to build a community where strict Catholic principles are followed. What is with these food magnets from Michigan? Monaghan follows in the footsteps of John Kellogg and C.W. Post, who tried to push their (grape) nutty moral views on us during the 1800s. Well, I guess it’s not as big of a waste of money as Mike (You Be) Illitch spending big bucks on Troy Percival and Magglio Ordonez.

    Question: Which has been of shittier quality over the past 20 years: the Tigers or the taste of Little Caesars and Domino’s Pizza?

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    1. 1.  “Put me down on the list of people who don’t think the US should have a foreign country in control of some of our major ports. I don’t care if it’s the United Arab Emirates or the United Colors of Benetton, it’s a bad precedent.”

      As I understand it, these ports were already run by a British conglomerate. Therefore, the precedent has already been set. It’s about an Arab country running them and whether that’s a good idea. Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

    2. 2.  It goes beyond this as it wasn’t Great Britain running the ports, but a British company in charge. Anyway, the biggest reason I even mentioned it was because listing United Colors of Benetton makes me laugh.

    3. 3.  The UAE doesn’t strike me as any more or less corrupt and dangerous than most governments (including our own). I don’t know enough about the shipping business and stuff to really pass judgement on whether it’s a good idea economically. It just seems like a profoundly dumb political move. (Like accidentally shooting somebody and then acting as though you need to cover it up even though you clearly did nothing wrong? Yeah, kinda like that.)

    4. 6.  Thanks, Scott.

      I’d have gotten the article out sooner, but I was too busy stocking my Y2K shelter with supplies and buying shares of Pets.com to get everything together in time. I promise that my live-blogging of the Oscars will publish by, at the very latest, April 1.

    5. 7.  I’ve checked your site about 10 times today waiting for your take on the Kenny Williams situation. I, for one, continue to be more and more of a Kenny Williams fan in the last few years.

    6. 8.  Yeah, I should have commented on it, but I’m very conflicted by the whole deal. Here is my brief thoughts.

      Frank Thomas is a dickhead. Kenny Williams is an asshole.

      Frank was my favorite player during the 90’s. It sucks when your favorite player on your favorite team is a dick. It sucks when the guy who made a lot of great moves–which made him as responsible as anyone for bringing a world championship to White Sox fans– is an ass.

      So here’s my quandry. It should have been handled in private. Hopefully the current rift will be mended some day, as Frank is the greatest hitter in White Sox history.

    7. 9.  Regarding the last question of the post: Domino’s, without question. Yes, the Tigers be plenty crappy but the slide into the abyss of Domino’s started with cheap crust followed by less-than-minty-fresh ingredients. Hey, we all know it was supposed to be cheaper, faster version of really good pizza but for a while there it was pretty damn good. Now, the dogs won’t even touch it.

    8. 10.  As I noticed yesterday…
      Cecil Fielder is a Michigan food magnet; the others would be considered food magnates.

      Also, I hope the Frank thing is at least twice as big as the Maggs tiff last year, as he was twice as good as Maggs (“that Venezuelan piece of [crap]”).

    9. 11.  Stymie- Funniest comment I’ve read here in weeks. I constantly prove I need an editor here, though I want to publicly thank Ryan Wilkins for helping me, as he helps make my posts look better. Maybe if wasn’t so busy doing that, he would have more time to get his Top 10 movie picks out.

      When I was in my teens and twenties, I used to watch movies constantly, but during the past decade, I find I rarely catch anything but documentaries. Movies have become kind of like the NBA to me, with me spending more time reading about the industry, then watching it. One thing I really appreciated about Ryan’s list was he put in a commercial comedy film. Too many film snobs are not willing to give props to comedic films. And yes I’m putting Ryan in the category of film snob. I mean any guy in his 20’s who idolizes Pauline Kael I’m sure would appreciate being called a film snob.

    10. 12.  Well, I would have to answer Little Caesar’s. The fact that I once was an operating parnter of 7 Dominos notwithstanding…..

    11. 13.  I would rate Little Caesars lowest. They should be considering how cheap they are. In Michigan, they offer a carryout special of a large pepperoni pizza for 5-6 bucks, depending on the shoppe. When you can get a large pizza for the price of combo meal, you are not focused on quality.

      I’ve never liked Domino’s, but I am interested in trying the steak pizza they’ve been advertising. Has anyone tried it and what are your reviews?

      Tom C- Did the company manual have any restrictions on you delivering a pizza to a planned parenthood? Ironically, I ate a Domino’s pizza in college which was so bad that it should have been called “Late Term Abortion”.

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