The Juice Blog’s Fantasy League Number 2

In case you missed the first sign-up, I’ve opened up a second Fantasy Baseball Challenge for readers of The Juice. The live draft will take place on March 28 at 10:30 EST. (Sorry to those of you on the east coast, but this was the only time I had available.)

This league is a rotissiere model, with the same categories as League No. 1: OBP, SLG, R, RBI, W, S, WHIP, ERA.

Sign up by going to Yahoo! Sports’ free fantasy baseball section.

League ID: 259627
Password: thejuice

4 thoughts on “The Juice Blog’s Fantasy League Number 2

  1. 1.  A note to the person running the Fantasy League #2. Could you please get rid of the 20 player move limit. It is not needed since we have a maximum innings pitched limit, and a maximum games played per position limit. Roster move limits are really only needed in a H2H league or a Roto league with no max IPs/Games. By having a limit of 20 roster moves you are asking to have a “dead” league, one in which there is very few moves and interest. Thanks.
    vr, Xei

  2. 3.  I believe it is PM, but if you login to the yahoo league site it tells you. Wonder if the commish of the league reads our comments?
    vr, Xei

  3. 4.  Scott, can we expect a movie review of Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector on Monday?

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