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Every so often, I need to explain a few things about what goes on here at this site. I do this on a regular basis, as some people continue to get confused about what this site is basically all about. Here is what my thoughts are about this blog.

Baseball is the number 1 topic at, despite what many of you think. Go through our archives and you will see that is the case.

The site is a lot more than that though, which I’m happy to say has finally been grasped by most readers, unlike when we started. We have always gotten way more comments on music and other pop culture subjects than we do on baseball. I’m guessing since we don’t cover just one team, we lack a community feel that other more focused blogs have. Our commnunity is a diverse group of readers who we really appreciate. (Well, most of the time.)

HERE’S AN IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE. Will Carroll is not the only person who writes at this site. When you see the name Scott Long at the top of the post, you should realize that means it was written by me. Scott Long is not a pseudonym Will uses to write other stuff. Scott Long is an actual person that believe it or not is more well-known than Will in certain circles.

I mention this because I like to write pieces that are a little edgier than you get from your local fishwrap. This is one of the best advantages that Blogs have over newspapers, so I believe bloggers should use it whenever possible.

Unfortunately, satire is one thing that can be difficult to absorb for some people, so at this site I’ve tried to error on the side of caution by actually writing the word SATIRE in the title before some satiric pieces. For those of you unaware of what the word means, check out this definition from

A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit

I bring this up because my most recent post featured satire which a few people objected to. I have pulled it off the website, as I don’t want Will to suffer any fall-out from a silly thing I wrote entitled “Under the Spork.” I did cut and paste a couple of sentences that explained what I was doing with this satirical work.

What “Under the Spork” is about is discussing more internal issues which are affecting baseball players, but done in the gossip tradition of just giving hints of who I’m talking about. By using this method, it allows me to completely MAKE UP what I’m writing, without getting sued.

Now I would like to begin by apologizing to any made up Major League players that I might have offended with my anonymous gossip. Specifically, I’m sorry if you are a hitter with a farting problem or a pitcher who refuses to cheat on his wife.

Now that I’ve done that I ask the readers of to do me a favor. Check out the byline, before hassling Will with anything, as during baseball season it’s most likely going to be me writing the piece. Will is one of the busiest men on the planet during this time of year coming up with the great info he does for Baseball Prospectus, so the majority of stuff I’m guessing will come from me.

When you check-in here, realize that I’m a standup comic who for the past 3 years has written satirical sports sketches for TV, so I’m likely to push the edge. I’m a big fan of our readers and I’m pretty happy with the number of page hits continues to get, despite Will and I rarely mentioning the site when we do media appearances. Thanks for being a part of the site.

END OF RANT. Now you can go back to less important things, like trying to figure out a solution to our problems in Iraq. (NOTE: This was sarcasm.)

Sarcasm- A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.

2 thoughts on “Semi-Annual Juice Blog State of the State

  1. 1.  You mean this isn’t O.J. Simpson’s blog? I guess my long wait for posts on Leslie Neilsen and the reliablity of modern forensics has been in vain.

  2. 2.  For another testimonial, I have seen both Scott Long and Will Carroll in the same place at the same time. They are indeed two different people.

    (And it never ceases to amaze me what flies over some people’s heads. Sometimes mine included.)

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