Sidekick Blogging in Honor of Will

Timing just might be the most underrated facet of life. I’m currently at LAX airport on the worst day of travel since 9/11. I would estimate the line wrapping around the building just to get into the airport terminal was over 2000 people. I don’t want to put specific blame on any religion or race, but even Mel Gibson wouldn’t blame anyone Hebrew today..

UPDATE; Since I was on a more obscure airline, (Frontier) I left only a few minutes late. The flight went well, wxcept that there were SNAKES ON THE PLANE!!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

I will get into it when I have more time and don’t risk thumb arthritis, but let me mention that I’m really excited for the future of one Will Carroll. Like it or not, the guy deserves his meteoric rise, as he has found an untapped niche and has worked harder than anyone I know at his craft.

In regards to thejuiceblog, we will continue to do a lot of what we’ve been doing in the past. I see this blog as a place for baseball fans who are interested in pop culture, as well. I will go into more detail on where I see the site evolving, but I’m very excited about some of the new changes on the horizon at The Toaster.

Thanks for continuing to check in here.

2 thoughts on “Sidekick Blogging in Honor of Will

  1. 1.  This must be the place to say…

    Thank you, Will.

    As for you, Scott… I think you had it right in the comments the other day. No one need tell you what to write but for my part, I’ll be fine if you just keep doing what you’re doing.

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