NL Wild Card Breakdown

There are 10 teams within 5.5 games in the NL wild card race. Add to this that the Dodgers and Cardinals are only a couple games ahead of Cincinnati and the National League has become Pete Rozelle’s wet dream. It’s time to handicap the race again. How do you see think the overall records will wind up, 1-12? The person who comes closest to being right will win a signed copy of my CD and book of essays, plus a baseball book that I will try to get out of the Will Carroll prize ditch. (Point system for our contest will be to guess where each of these 12 teams will wind up overall record wise. So if you get the teams in perfect order, you wind up with 12 points. Tie breakers will be how many of the playoff teams you get right.)

1. NL West Winner: San Diego
2. NL Wild Card Winner: Los Angeles
3. NL Central Winner: St. Louis

I’m sticking to who I picked at the midway point of the season, though I do like the direction my pre-season NL wild card choice (Phillies) are heading. I suspect that the Cards will just barely hold on to the NL Central spot, as the Reds and Astros will be in the race until the last week of the season. The Padres and Dodgers are the best teams going down the stretch in the National League, which will hurt the other NL West squads, as they will beat up on the other 3.

4. Philadelphia
5. Cincinnati
6. Houston
7. Milwaukee
8. Atlanta
9. Arizona
10. Colorado
11. San Francisco
12. Florida

Now it’s your turn. List out your choices and why?

15 thoughts on “NL Wild Card Breakdown

  1. 1.  1. St Louis – NL Central
    2. Los Angeles – NL West
    3. Philadelphia – Wild card
    4. San Diego
    5. Arizona
    6. Houston
    7. Colorado
    8. San Francisco
    9. Atlanta
    10. Cincinnati
    11. Florida
    12. Milwaukee

    I think the Padres lack of offense and poor play at home will keep them out of the playoffs.

  2. 2.  sounds fun, but are we suppose to list the NL East winner (Mets) in the mix? Yeah, they are probably going to be #1 in everyone’s picks but there is no mention of leaving them out in the semi-rules. thanks for putting this together. Waiting your word.
    vr, Xei

  3. 3.  Since we know the Mets are locked in, (didn’t they clinch in May?) so exclude them. Thanks

  4. 4.  1. LA Dodgers (NL West)
    2. St Louis (NL Central)
    3. Philadelphia (WC)
    4. Cincinnati
    5. Arizona
    6. San Diego
    7. Houston
    8. Atlanta
    9. San Francisco
    10. Colorado
    11. Milwaukee
    12. Florida

  5. 5.  1. San Diego
    2. Cincinnati
    3. Los Angeles
    4. St. Louis
    5. Atlanta
    6. Philadelphia
    7. Arizona
    8. Florida
    9. Colorado
    10. Milwaukee
    11. Houston
    12. San Francisco

  6. 6.  1) Dodgers (West)
    2) Cardinals (Central)
    3) Reds (Wild Card)
    4) San Diego
    5) Philadelphia
    6) Arizona
    7) Houston
    8) Atlanta
    9) Milwaukee
    10) Florida
    11) San Francisco
    12) Colorado

    Grady Little is good at making adjustments, and while the Dodgers don’t have Pujols, they have the most depth in their rotation and lineup. The Rockies will get close, but won’t quite make it out of last place. The Reds have hung in so long, and I think they’ll manage the wild card.

  7. 7.  1) Dodgers (West)
    2) Cardinals (Central)
    3) Arizona (Wild Card)
    4) Philadelphia
    5) Cincinnati
    6) Atlanta
    7) Houston
    8) San Diego
    9) Florida
    10) Milwaukee
    11) Colorado
    12) San Francisco

  8. 8.  I’m gonna be like the guy who picked George Mason in the NCAA because he thought he was picking George Washington:

    1) LA Dodgers (West)
    2) St. Louis(Central)
    3) Florida (Wild Card)
    4) Cincinnati
    5) Atlanta
    6) Arizona
    7) Philadelphia
    8) Houston
    9) San Diego
    10) Colorado
    11) Milwaukee
    12) San Fransisco

    I have a feeling Girardi can get the young phenom pitchers to gel in the final month, and it will be a push like 2003. Of course, the Marlins have never lost a playoff series before, so I guess this will mean they also win the World Series. And that Jeff Loria will be named Owner of the Year. Ugh… starting to get sick…

  9. 9.  NL Central – Cards
    NL West – Dodgers
    NL Wildcard – Colorado
    San Deigo
    San Fran

  10. 10.  Dodgers (NL West)
    Cardinals (Central)
    Reds (WC)

  11. 11.  Dodgers (West)
    Cards (Central)
    Padres (WC)
    San Francisco

    Pretty much wild guess work, plus some wish-casting, for if both LA and SD get in, the odds are better I’ll get to see a live Mets playoff game in California.

  12. 12.  Dodgers (West)
    Reds (Central)
    Phillies (WC)

    I just don’t think that the Cardinals have it this year…

  13. 13.  1. Cardinals (Central)
    2. Dodgers (West)
    3. Atlanta (WC)
    4. SD
    5. Cin
    6. Phils
    7. DBacks
    8. Rockies
    9. Brewers
    10. Marlins
    11. Houston
    12. SF

  14. 14.  Here goes nothing.

    1. Dodgers – West
    2. Cardinals – Central
    3. Houston – WC (if Phillies were in Central or west I’d have them here)
    4. Cincy
    5. Atlanta
    6. Philly
    7. Arizona
    8. San Diego
    9. San Fran
    10. Milwaukee
    11. Colorado
    12. Marlins

    I think the East teams will beat each other up. The Stros may have switched their closer situation just in time, but this is still the one thing that may keep them from the postseason. Would not be shocked to see Cincy and Houston make it and St Louis sit at home.

    I think Marlins young pitchers will (and already are) wear down. Atlanta is tough to count out. Arizona too young, San Diego too boring, San Fran just old enough to stay in contention but too old to finish it off without ’04 Bonds available.

  15. 15.  1. NL West-Dodgers
    2. NL Central-Cardinals
    3. NL WildCard-Phillies
    4. Astros
    5. Cincy
    6. San Diego
    7. Arizona
    8. Marlins
    9. San Francisco
    10. Atlanta
    11. Millwaukee
    12. Colorado

    I believe the Phillies will take the wildcard. As of today the rest of there schedule they do not play a team thats over 500. With new additions to the team they have a shot. They play the Astros for 2 series one home and away in September. The winner of these series will take the wildcard and I believe it will be the Phills.

    The Reds will fade out in the next month a long with the Padres. I dont believe Arizona has what it takes for the Playoffs. The rest of the NL East teams dont have a shot against the Phillies in the stretch the way there playing now. Even know they lost 2 of there last 3.

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