Will Carroll; Fantasy Expert

How’s that title grab you? Well, from now on our boy Will Carroll will be included with such dignitaries as Sue Johnston, Dr. Drew, and Doc Johnson, when fantasy expert is mentioned. Now, the reason it’s legit to list him under this category is that he will be part of ESPN’s new Fantasy Football Show set to air on ESPN 2 at 5:30 pm, this Friday. Will is bringing his “Under the Knife” breakdown to the gridiron. Fantasy football is a massive business, but it’s hard to translate the excitement it can bring to a television audience. It will be interesting to see if ESPN will be able to succeed with the topic. I’m looking forward to finding out if Will can bring the frenetic energy he has on radio to the TV screen. Best of luck in your newest endeavor.

5 thoughts on “Will Carroll; Fantasy Expert

  1. 1.  I suggested to Will that he include a “Drive-By Truckers” reference somewhere in his bit tomorrow.

    He thought it would be doable. 🙂

  2. 3.  On the positive side, the show wasn’t all that ESPN-y.

    On the negative side, Will’s three minutes was the best thing about it. Matthew Barry wasn’t funny, the host was bland, Jaws was so-so, the woman cast member had troubles with the teleprompter and was cruelly shunted aside, and Antonio Chatman? is going to be a regular? Yikes!

    And did they even mention defense or kickers?

  3. 4.  3

    I agree on all counts …

    Antonio tried hard, but (not surprisingly) came off as extremely wooden.

    The eye candy woman was cheesy. If they want a woman on the show, let her sit on the couch or give her a desk to sit in front of. Heck, just give us Linda Cohn or Suzy Kolber.

  4. 5.  I definitely lost friend points on giving out the wrong day. Sorry, Will.

    Then to top it off, the “hotel” the comedy club booked me at had only 10 channels, with no, get this, ESPN (and of course, no ESPN 2, either.) Is it even possible to have some kind of lodging that doesn’t have ESPN as a channel? Well, I can answer that for last night, it was.

    Will’s show has been DVR’ed, but I won’t be home for another week and half, so I will get a late start checking it out. Next Thursday, I will at least be able to catch it, though, as my lodging includes ESPN2.

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