The Number 1 Qualification for the Next President (Read the Comments Below)

Just wanted to note that this is the most fun we have had here since the glory days of Clay Aiken commentary. Go to the post below this one, as there is some quality stuff being offered up in the comment section.

Whip Me, Beat Me, Come On and Eat Me… Good God, Y’all, It’s a Free-For-All
-Ted Nugent-

If I didn’t already piss-off the liberals, quoting Uncle Ted should do it. I’ve got to imagine there are some old readers here shaking their heads thinking they are in some kind of bizarro world, with me being the one causing anger among some Democrats. I kind of feel like Christopher Hitchens or David Brock going from one group’s most hated to their most loved. Since I aspire to be the contrarian, when I think it serves a purpose, I’ve got no problems with the attack. Anyway, if you are going to piss off one group, it seems safer to pick Liberals, as they haven’t seemed capable of violence since the Chicago 7. (For you baseball fans out there, the Chicago 7 is not a reference to the Black Sox scandal.)

See what happens when the White Sox fall out of the Playoff Chase. I become unstable. Hey, I don’t cover one team, so this is the closest thing I can come to a gamewatch.

5 thoughts on “The Number 1 Qualification for the Next President (Read the Comments Below)

  1. 1.  Well, if you want a vigorous, chancy conversation, choose one:

    The Designated Hitter

    Personally, I thought the dating-analogy was very funny, and could be taken one step further to explain why you might “name-call”: having “dated” Kerry, you still feel jilted by his inability to … go all the way (well, you can put whatever you want there…). Consequently, you are apt to disparage him, just as a spurned lover would…


  2. 2.  Thanks Brent. I’m glad that someone actually can relate to my sense of humor on this subject. I felt like more of spurned lover towards Gore than Kerry, but the analogy is a good one.

    Here one more thing. While I register Independent, my voting record would pretty much, with a few exceptions, state that I’m a democrat. So I’m a Democrat who didn’t like Kerry.
    I also am an American League fan, but I much prefer baseball played without a DH.

    Life can be challenging.

  3. 3.  Like you, I long for a President who has intelligence and ideas; who speaks English comfortably and fluently; who’s likable, maybe even downright charismatic. I also have hopes for progressive politics, and perhaps even for the Democratic party (which is still a progressive’s only chance, I’m afraid).

    For someone like me, there are two words that allow me to entertain that hope: Barack Obama.

  4. 4.  Well, I’m a National League Fan who thinks the DH rules. Go figure.

    The more I think about Obama, the more I like the idea. Like a poster on the previous thread mentioned, more experience just means more ammo to attack him with.

    Ride that Charisma all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania, Obama!!

  5. 5.  3 But I need to take my own advice about fluency; that last sentence is an abomination. How about this:

    There are two words that allow the likes of me to entertain those hopes: Barack Obama.

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