The Winner of the NL Wild Card Breakdown Contest Is….

Scott Long. At least according to my calculations. Here was the orignial story. Check it out and see if I’m off. Just to make it easier, there was only one person very close to my score, with George Y. finishing second. Also, if you don’t recall, the Mets, Nationals, Cubs, and Pirates were out of the sweepstakes, since there positions were pretty much set.

Here was the scoring system I used. 1 point for being right. 2 points if one position off and so on. In regards to the Padres and Dodgers, I put both of them in 1st place. If you had one as the winner and one as the wild card, you still recieved full points. If you had the Dodgers 1st, but the Padres 6th, you received 1 point for the Dodgers, but 6 points for the Padres. (see XEI Frank’s ballot.) Since they had the same records, as well, Arizona and Colorado both are listed in 10th place. The Cards are 2nd Place, as they won the NL Central. By doing this, you are getting a little bonus if you picked all 3 playoff participants correctly. With this point system, it should come as no surprise that George and I were the only 2 to correctly pick all 3 of the playoff teams.

Here is my ballot so you can see how this point system plays out. Listed in how they finished, with the parenthesis on the side listing my original prediction. The point score is listed next to that.

1. San Diego (1) Points: 1
1. Los Angeles (3WC) 1
2. St. Louis (2) 1
4. Philadelphia (4) 1
5. Houston (6) 2
6. Cincinnati (5) 2
7. Atlanta (8) 2
8. Florida (12) 5
9. San Francisco (11) 3
10 Arizona (9) 2
10 Colorado (10) 1
12 Milwaukee (7) 6

Total: 27

Unless I miscalculated, I guess I will be receiving a copy of Scott Long’s book and comedy CD. Let me tell, you I’m very excited about this.

5 thoughts on “The Winner of the NL Wild Card Breakdown Contest Is….

  1. 1.  I was just about to bug you about this. Stupid Marlins, fading down the stretch. How dare they fail to completely obliterate expectations in September?

    Quoting Green Day: “Nice guys finish last, when you run out of gas… Don’t pat yourself on the back, you might break your spine…”

  2. 4.  Scott: Great post on alternative radio, below, though would it be too much to ask to write about some music not post-punk? yeesh

    Whoever mentioned KCRW is right on the money. Ab-so-freaking great radio…and eclectic!

    chris in illinois: Thanks for the Twins love earlier…though it doesn’t seem to be helping.

  3. 5.  KCRW is great, if a bit too dance-oriented at times. Rarely does it rock.

    But no radio station beats WFMU ( for diversity and wonderful oddness, from 50s and 60s songs you’ve never heard to the latest stuff not played by anyone else. Plus, as part of their fundraiser each year they bring Yo La Tengo into the studio and they will play any request for a pledge, from “Meet the Mets” to “Roadrunner.”

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