Football Picks for the Week

Hit 2 of 3 on my 4-star selections, but besides my best bet on New England crushing, the rest of my NFL choices tanked it. Still doing well on the star basis, as my big picks are coming through, but overall just a little above .500 for the year.


3 star LSU(+2) Florida
3 star Arkansas(15.5) Auburn
3 star Syracuse(+7) Pittsburgh
2 star Wake Forest(+17) Clemson
2 star Arizona(+12) UCLA
2 star Nebraska(-6.5) Iowa State

LSU might have the toughest schedule in the country, facing so many quality opponnents on the road. Here’s is where they get make one up.
Auburn will win, but it’s lack of a passing game will keep it close.
In the battle of former pro defensive coordinators, I will side with the home team, as Syracuse might be the most improved team in the country for 2006.
This is the kind of game that Clemson generally sleep walks through. Demon Deacons are improved.
Arizona has been a disappointment (not as much as Arizona State–see my bomb of a pick last week), but I like Stoops’ defense to keep this game tight.
The Huskers are a lot more talented and have revenge on their side.


4 star Denver(-4) Baltimore
3 star San Diego(-3) Pittsburgh
3 star Carolina(-8) Cleveland
2 star New England(-10) Miami
2 star Detroit(+7) Minnesota
2 star Det/Minn Under 40.5

The Ravens are overrated, as their offense has been no better than in the past. The Broncos home field and better team balance has them pulling ahead in the 2nd half.
While they lost last week, I still think the Chargers might be the best team in the NFL. If Rivers can make a few plays (kind of like Big Ben in 2006), they win it all.
What a difference Steve Smith makes. The Browns have too many injuries, as the Panthers roll.
Remember when many deluded thought Culpepper would lead the Dolphins to great success? Well, he might be the most overrated player in the NFL, which Belichek will further expose this Sunday.
I know Detroit has been awful, but their talent and coaching is better than what they’ve shown. The Vikings new style is to play closer to the vest, which puts them in a lot of close, low scoring games.

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  1. 1.  I like the Denver pick, but I think Cleveland will keep it closer than that in Carolina. The Panthers’ o-line is hurting pretty badly.

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