Football Picks

Had a break-even week in the colleges, while hitting both NFL best bets, including my only 4-star selection for the week, with an easy cover by the Broncos. (warning, bad beat belly-ache to follow) In the NFL I would have been 4-0, with 2 pushes, if the Lions hadn’t of coughed up a last minute interception for TD. If you saw Kitna’s gift, you know what I’m talking about. This cost me both the side and total.


3 star Rutgers(+3) Navy
3 star Kentucky(+26.5) LSU
2 star Syracuse(+25) West Virginia
2 star Iowa St.(+19.5) Oklahoma
2 star Wash. St(+8.5) Cal
2 star Auburn(+2.5) Florida

I don’t love any game this week in the colleges, but as you can tell, I’m going with the Dogs.


3 star Tampa Bay(+6.5) Cincinnati
3 star Carolina(+3) Baltimore
3 star Houston(+13.5) Dallas
3 star Miami(+3) NY Jets
2 star NY Giants(+3) Atlanta

More dogs! Never have I liked the dogs as much as this week.

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