Football Picks and Leaning Towards the Buckeyes

Last week I was 5-1 in the colleges and nearly as bad in the NFL, going 1-4. Love the Pats to bounce back. The AFC will prove its superiority this weekend.

4 star New England(-5.5) Green Bay
(Rest of games are 3 stars)
Indy(PK) over Dallas
Miami(-3.5) Minnesota
Houston(-1) Buffalo
Detroit(+2.5) Arizona

Rivalry Saturday is the best one of the year in the colleges. All below are 3 star games.

Iowa(+3) Minnesota
Indiana(+13) Purdue
Tennessee(-7.5) Vanderbilt
Virginia Tech(+1) Wake Forest
California(+6) USC
Auburn(-3) Alabama

I figure I should throw out a pick, even though I would never put money on it. I might have made the Buckeyes a 2-star selection, but the death of Coach Bo makes the game even harder to call. I don’t like Lloyd Carr or Chad Henne, so I still lean towards Ohio State plus the 6 and half points.