Thanksgiving Spread

Here are my choices for this week. The past weekend, I went 4-2 in the colleges, but only 2-3 in the NFL. I did have a cakewalk in my first 4 star NFL choice in quite sometime, with the Pats crushing the Packers. My 4 star NFL picks are 3 for 3 this season.


3 star Purdue(+17) Hawaii
3 star Texas A&M(+13) Texas
3 star LSU(+1) Arkansas
3 star Virginia Tech(-17) Virginia
2 star Pittsburgh(+11.5) Louisville
2 star Florida St.(+9.5) Florida


4 star Indy(-9) Philly
(rest of games 3 star)
New England(-3) Chicago
Miami(-3) Detroit
KC(-1) Denver
Carolina(-4) Washington
Pittsburgh(+3) Baltimore

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