America’s Top NFL Handicapper Weighs In

So after having a remarkable week picking games last week, what will Scotty the Sleek offer up? (Hey, this is my last chance to gloat after last week.) Try not to be greedy, try not to be greedy.

4 star Pittsburgh(-3) Baltimore

The Steelers are playing as well as anyone besides the Chargers in the whole NFL. Despite what has happened during 2006, the Steelers are the better team.

3 star Jacksonville(-3) New England
3 star Denver(-3) Cincinnati
3 star Miami(-2) NY Jets

Keep in mind when betting on the Jags. Pick them to cover when they play a high profile team. The Patriots fall this week.
In what probably amounts to a playoff elimination game, the Bengals are at a major disadvantage having to travel to a really tough place, with a day and half left to prepare and recover. (Monday night hangover)
Remember when the Dolphins were considered a Super Bowl team by Sports Illustrated, while the Jets were seen by people like me as one of the NFL’s worst? Well, talent wins out in Miami this weekend. ****Note I did have the Dolphins as a 4-star, but have dropped them down a notch. (Scott on Saturday)

2 star New York Giants(-3) New Orleans
2 star Atlanta(-6.5) Carolina

The Giants have to win this game. Getting Strahan will really help.
I have been betting against the Falcons all year, but the Panthers appear to have mailed it in. Plus, Matt Schwab might play, which is in the best interest to the team.

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  1. 1.  now why is it exactly that you don’t believe the ravens are for real? they have the best D in the league.

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