Special Price for Readers: Get Scott’s New Comedy DVD

My new standup comedy DVD just came out and I have set a special low price for readers at the Juice Blog. For the next week, I will be offering it up for $9.99 (plus 2 bucks S&H). Go to the sidebar and click on the link to order. I will try to ship it out within the week.

The DVD is titled Scott Long’s 3 Ring Circus. Why I chose this title was because the show is the kind of free-for-all I specialize in. At one point, I actually drop the mic to go after a heckler who won’t shut-up. Tell me a time when you’ve seen that on Comedy Central? The DVD features a 45 minute set I taped in March 2007.

If you like to watch comics who tell dysfunctional family stories, go on celebrity rants, improv with the crowd, and offer up intellectual dick jokes, 3 Ring Circus is designed specifically for you. Order now, operators are standing by!