Really Funny Clip on Myspace

My friend Dan Cummins, who I have touted here before, has a great little short he posted at his Myspace page.  It also features Tommy Johnagin, who you might have caught on Last Comic Standing last week. (Tommy also wrote a piece for this site last year.)
To see the sketch click on the word click.


I want to thank those who have ordered my DVD.  The $9.99 offer is good through this weekend, so keep that in mind.  I’m a little disappointed in a few of you who haven’t ordered it and I think you know who you are.  So come on people, don’t make me beg. (wait, too late.)  Click on the damn icon on the sidebar.  Come on, it’s your civic duty.  I want 3 Ring Circus to be the Cracked Rear View of the DVD world, filling the bargain bins at Used DVD stores across this nation. 


3 thoughts on “Really Funny Clip on Myspace

  1. 1.  Dude, you’re DVD is eagerly anticipated in this household. As is your offer to trade me Johan Santana (he’s a very weak second half performer, no?).

    On a more serious note: why are most stand-up comics such good dramatic actors? Or am I seeing things? Yeah, I know, the question isn’t all that specific so for those who want to nitpick, I’m not talking about Pauly Shore. I’m not necessarily talking about Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey or (dare I say it?) Whoopi Goldberg (though feel free to use them to back up my point). I’m talking about people like Lewis Black who turned in an excellent cameo on “Homicide” in scenes with another pretty damn good comic-turned-actor Richard Belzer.

    So, provided you accept the premise (if not, this is a very short conversation)… Please Explain: why do stand-up comics make such good dramatic actors? Is it because the best stand-up comics deal with dark material that is easily transferrable to a dramatic character? That’s my theory.

  2. 2.  I think your reasoning is good. I would add that stand-up comics study people to find the humor of the human condition, so they know what feels real and what seems fake. While acting lessons I’m sure are important, the ability to know what lacks reality in your performance is important.

    This is why I think most of the recent great sitcoms featured standup comics in major roles. Give a Larry David or a Gary Shandling some autonomy in producing a show, as Chris Albrecht did at HBO and you get brilliant shows like Curb or Larry Sanders. Of course, I’m biased.

    Thanks for the order. I will send it out Monday.

  3. 3.  And thank you for providing the best answer I’ve heard to my query–stand-up comics study people to find the humor of the human condition, so they know what feels real and what seems fake. That’s it in a nutshell, I think. I knew Carrey as a comic but he’s a first-rate dramatist and I wouldn’t have predicted that. But then I saw an old Clint Eastwood movie recently and Carrey did a cameo before he was Jim Carrey! and he was terrific in a very non-comedic role.

    Shakespeare would’ve been a helluva stand-up.

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