Changes at the Juice Blog (Do you want to be linked?)

Nothing major, but I have spent the last couple of days going through the work I’ve posted here in the past and have linked the best stuff on the sidebar.

Personally on the Juice are stories which are of a personal nature. (Hey, it’s kind of like playing the 100,000 Pyramid with these topic titles) The rest of the titles are pretty obvious. 

Wanted to mention that I plan on doing the link section next, so if you are a reader here and want your site linked, drop me a line at  Here are my requirements to be linked here.

  • You have registered at the Toaster.
  • You link the Juice Blog at your site.
  • I like what your site is about.

Did I mention that you ought to order my 3 Ring Circus DVD?

4 thoughts on “Changes at the Juice Blog (Do you want to be linked?)

  1. 1.  hey scott –

    i recently started up a blog about all the things i find in the old books i sort, clean and price at my bookstore.

    it is not, however, funny (unless you like laughing at other people’s love letters)

    furthermore, it is not about baseball.

    but if you want to take a look anyway, here you go:

  2. 4.  Scott,
    I read your Juice Blog fairly often, scooting over from Bronx Banter (where my handle is Knuckles).
    I’ve got a Yankee blog of my own- no commentary, just cartoons.
    I invite you to take a look, and if you enjoy it, then possibly link it to your site.

    PS- your inbox appears full…

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