College and Pro Picks for the Week

So far, so good…Scotty the Sleek is playing with the house’s money after starting the Colleges at 3-1 versus the spread. This week I add the Pro’s.

Note: I plan on having my NFL preview up sometime before the games on Sunday.

  • 3 star Iowa (-22) Syracuse
  • 3 star Oklahoma (-10) Miami
  • 3 star TCU (+9) Texas
  • 2 star Notre Dame (+17.5) Penn St.
  • 2 star Colorado (+14.5) Arizona St.

Iowa has won their last 6 home openers by average of 38 points. The Cuse head coach is a Please Explain entry waiting to happen, as Greg Robinson has been a failure in every job I can remember him having.

There are 3 teams that I think can win the National Title this year and the Sooners are 1 of them. Miami still has a lot to prove to me.

TCU players dream of going to Texas, but don’t get recruited to play at Austin, so this is their dream match-up. Horned Frogs coach Patterson is the most underrated coach in America. They might not win, but their defense will keep the game within a TD.

After last week, it’s hard to imagine going with the Irish, but I suspect Weis will out-coach Paterno enough to keep it under the number.

The Buffs squeezed out an OT win last week. Coach Hawkins was the one who built Bise State. I think the Buffs end up the surprise team in the Big 12 in 2007.

  • 3 star Tennessee (+7) Jacksonville
  • 3 star Minnesota (-3) Atlanta
  • 3 star Detroit (+2.5) Oakland
  • 3 star Oakland/Detroit (Under 39.5)
  • 2 star San Diego (-6) Chicago
  • 2 star Washington (-3) Miami

Put Vince Young on the Jags and they might be the best team in the NFL. While the Titans have less talent, I will take the team with the superior coaching and signalcalling.

The Vikings are a talented team which if they had a veteran QB like Trent Green…well, I still like them over the Falcons that are playing their first game with a new coach.

How are the Raiders favored over anyone at this point of the year? The Lions are improved. The best bet on this game might just be the under, as the Raiders defense under DC Ryan is really good, while their offense is dismal. Lots of under games in Oakland.

There are 3 great teams in NFL and they are all in the AFC. Bad opening match-up for Rex Grossman, as the Chargers put a lot of pressure on the QB.

If the Redskins can’t win this game at home, they have little chance of being competitive under Gibbs this season. Should be low-scoring, with the Skins winning by a least a TD.


3 thoughts on “College and Pro Picks for the Week

  1. 1.  What exactly are Greg Robinson’s qualifications? I would probably watch any college football game out there, except for any involving Syracuse. That is the worst coached team out there, and I used to love watching them play, with Don McPherson and Marvin Graves, just fun teams to watch, now they are terrible.

  2. 2.  Syracuse football confuses me. All the elements are there to have a perenial 8-4 team (good stadium, good sports school, good fan support) but they have let themselves be passed by teams like Connecticut and Rutgers in the Big East. Syracuse should paint their field orange, recruit nothing but speed players and try to win every game 38-30 like Boise State. As it stands they are boring AND they suck. What’s the point?

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