Football Picks for this Week

Last week picks were basically a reverse mirror image of each other, as the colleges went 4-1 (9-5 for the year), while the NFL choices went 1-4 (5-5 for the year).  I’ve been in the Northwest this week, driving way too much, so I haven’t had much time to produce much for the site.  I will be more active next week, as I’m in one of the best cities in America, Madison, Wisconsin. (Thursday through Saturday at the State Street Comedy Club)  Here are my selections for this week.

Colleges (All 3-star picks)

Oregon State (+12) Arizona State

Iowa State (-3.5) Toledo

Stanford (+17) Oregon

UCLA (-6) Washington

Oklahoma State (+5.5) Texas Tech


Indy (-6) Houston

Oakland (-3) Cleveland

San Francisco (+9) Pittsburgh

St. Louis (+3.5) Tampa Bay

Chicago/Dallas (under 41)


One thought on “Football Picks for this Week

  1. 1.  I thought Indy was a slam dunk pick. It’s the only bet I made this week.

    I got lucky, because unlike your line my spread was five and a half.

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