Football Picks Look to Bounce Back

My choices last week were dismal. A big 0-4 with a push, leaves me with a 5-9 record in the Pros. My college selections were 2-3, which has me 11-8 for 2007. Changes I tell you, are in our future. First a few thoughts on NFL stories in the news.

  • Rex Grossman has done the worst impression of a quarterback since I saw Keanu Reeves in The Replacements.
  • If Michael Vick goes to jail he"s going to switch from playing the quarterback position to the doggie position.
  • Considering how often Pac Man Jones was seen in a strip club, you would think the Titans were paying him in one-dollar bills. Pac Man should change his name to something more appropriate, like Vice City Jones.
  • Just to give you an idea of Tank Johnson’s bad judgement, he recently hired Paris Hilton to be his designated driver.
  • Donovan McNabb says that he is faces more scrutiny because he is black. Let me tell you, Eagles fans would have a ticker tape parade for Idi Amin, if he quarterbacked them to their first Super Bowl win.


Baltimore (-4) Cleveland

Minnesota (+1.5) Green Bay

Buffalo (+3.5) NY Jets

Arizona (+6) Pittsburgh (4 star)

Seattle (-1.5) San Fran



West Virginia (-6.5) South Florida

Georgia Tech (+3.5) Clemson

Auburn (+18) Florida

Iowa State (+22) Nebraska

California (+6) Oregon

Kansas St. (+14.5) Texas

(note on the 4-star game. The Card coaches were Steeler assistants who were passed over to replace Cowher. They know the team and the schemes, plus it is supposed to be 96 degerees in Tempe on Saturday.)


5 thoughts on “Football Picks Look to Bounce Back

  1. 1.  Psyched for the WVA-USF game tonight. No particular rooting interest, I just like watching Slaton and White run around. It’ll be nice to see them give it a shot against a capable, fast, defense. Please be a close game.

  2. 5.  I want to be the first to congratulate me on my dynamite bounceback, going 5-1 in the NCAA. All 5 dogs covered easily, with 4 of them winning outright. K-State and Auburn looked really good. 16-9 in colleges so far.

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