Football Picks are at a Medium Heat

California (+3) Arizona St. (4-star)

Hawaii/New Mexico St. (under 80)

Texas A&M (+3) Kansas

Michigan (-23) Minnesota

USC (+3) Oregon (4-star)

This week features my Pac-10 parlay of the year! Cal needs this win to have a chance at going to a major bowl, while ASU hasn’t played anyone that good, until now. I don’t do college unders, well unless I’m given 80 points. First 79 points and I’m winning! Kansas hasn’t played anyone outside of the state of Kansas besides Colorado. Minnesota is as bad of a BCS school as there is in the US. I know the Trojans have struggled, but to give this type of talent points, I will take Carroll to get it done. College Picks are 24-18.

Detroit (+5) Chicago

Indy (-6.5) Carolina

Washington (+16.5) New England

Buffalo (+3) NY Jets

Minnesota (+1) Philly

Detroit has one of the top 5 receiving crews in the NFL, while the Bears are still beat-up in the secondary. Indy is a lot better team than the Panthers, especially with Freeney and Mathis speed rushing around the corner on AncientTesterverde. The Pats have been killing the spread all year, but with the Colts on deck and a really solid defense from DC, they finally win by less than 2 TD’s. The Bills are better than the Jets. The Vikings are a playoff team with a Division 2 QB and a head coach who doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. If they run Mr. Petersen enough, they will still beat an Eagles team which I think has started to quit on the season. Look for the Philly D to be yelling, Yo Adrian, a lot as he runs by them. NFL Choices are 14-16.


3 thoughts on “Football Picks are at a Medium Heat

  1. 2.  UH and Colorado State have played each other 20 times; Colorado State has won 11 and UH 9. Last time they met was 1997.

    More info than anyone required!

  2. 3.  I did these picks as quickly as possible. I based my decision on New Mexico State, though my guess is the total would have been about 70.

    Thanks for the proofing.

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