Batgirl Returns

And to think you would never see Batgirl at a blog again.  Keeping the hallways free of crime.


6 thoughts on “Batgirl Returns

  1. 3.  Nice photo 🙂 OT: You really get a sense of how big hallways must appear to kids. It looks like a canyon on the scale of a little kid.

  2. 4.  Super, Scott – frame that photo.

    My 18-year old daughter dressed in costume to attend a midnight live stage performance of “The Rocky Horror Show” – at her college where she lives, so I was spared the cardiac arrest.

  3. 5.  hey chris!

    Scott…my gosh she’s grown. Great pic! and great reference to the grand dame of baseball blogs….sniff

  4. 6.  looks like the wife of The Penguin™ in the background. but seriously, really cute picture.

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