College Picks 4-1 last week. 30-22 for the Season

In a college football world where teams like South Florida, Kansas, Missouri, and Boston College can make appearances in the Top 5, one thing holds true. The Juice Blog will bring you winners on the games. While I went 2-3 in the NFL last week, the regular season game of all-time went about the way I suspected. The Colts speed on defense kept Brady from getting into a rhythm, but the absence of Marvin Harrison (I relied on NFL injury expert Will Carroll* who wrote he would play:) kept the Colts from putting more TD’s on the board. No matter, the Colts covered.

All year in the colleges, I’ve done best when giving out dogs and not trying to handicap the Pac-10. Well, I’m following one of those 2 trends this week, with all dogs on the board.

Notre Dame (+3.5) Air Force
South Carolina (+7) Florida
Northwestern (+2.5) Indiana
Oklahoma St. (+6) Kansas
Tezas A&M (+19) Missouri
Stanford (+11) Washington State

Arizona (PK) Detroit
Dallas (-1.5) NY Giants
Minnesota (+6.5) Green Bay
Cleveland (+10) Pittsburgh
Washington (-3) Philly

* Had lunch with the raconteur of baseball writers, Will Carroll, and as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The guy has more contacts than Bausch and Lomb.