Football Picks

Had another .500 week. Next week I will announce the site where you can find a video podcast I will be doing on the NFL. It should be interesting.

Buffalo (-7) Miami

New England (-10.5) Pittsburgh

Detroit (+11) Dallas

Kansas City (+6) Denver

Arizona (+7) Seattle

Houston (+3) Tampa Bay

The weather isn’t going to help the Dolphins chances. The number going down is big, as the Patriots will be more focused over an overrated Steelers team. Detroit is going the wrong direction, but being at home will keep it close. Shanahan is a mediocre coach. I’ve been losing on the Seahawks all year, but I think the Cardinals will keep within a field goal. Have you noticed that the AFC is way better than the NFC. Houston would have a good chance of winning the NFC South.

2 thoughts on “Football Picks

  1. 1.  Do you gamble on this stuff Scott Long or do you do it for fun? It kind of seems like you gamble but I could be wrong.

  2. 2.  I have had a gambling problem in the past. You could have made some money off of my picks in 2005 and 2006, as I was over 60 percent in the colleges one year and the same in the NFL the next year. I haven’t figured out what my record is in 2007, but I’m guessing it is around 50 percent. Not so good.

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