Check Out Scott Long Standup Clip

I’m currently working on a TV set, so click on the link below if you want a taste of what I do.


The clip is located at a great new standup comedy site called Rooftop Comedy. It is the most standup comedy-friendly site around, as you get a lot more honest look of what standup in a club is really like. When I get a chance, I will clue you in on some specific comics you should check out there, but I suggest just exploring the site on your own, if you have the time.

4 thoughts on “Check Out Scott Long Standup Clip

  1. 2.  About 90 percent of the time that is the case. Most places do have a 2 drink limit on that. I do a bit where I bring a beer to a job interview, so that is why I often bring one on-stage, but since this was a set designed more for TV, no booze. I’m not much on libations, but I do conduct some serious binge drinking about 4-5 times a year. Usually in front of wild crowds who keep sending me shots. Weird job, huh?

  2. 3.  Yeah, I was wondering cause when I went to the LaughFactory once this waitress kept taking Brewskies to the comic & the comic just kept on jugging them down, I wondered to my self if they were free or if he was gonna have to fork over the doh later on.

  3. 4.  I like the two mics idea. Have you been working with that for a while? It’s got to be tough making sure that you make the characters different enough, no?

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