Check Out My Latest Web Video for

My second effort for has me showing steady growth in my character…THE LOSER. It is up to you to figure out how much of this sketch is based in the truth.



5 thoughts on “Check Out My Latest Web Video for

  1. 3.  I can’t disagree on the camera issue. I’m still getting used to the segment and the webcam world. Point taken.

  2. 4.  2 3 Agree too that some good writing was bogged down by some distracting technical issues. I agree that the camera too close, but I think the problem may be even more with (a) the angle, looking slightly up at you instead of straight on or slightly down, and (b) your eyes darting around too much instead of looking straight into the camera.

    And what are you doing in Pittsburgh?

  3. 5.  Wow, I’m going to have to talk to the dude who runs the Toaster site to see about getting this Ken Arneson guy’s account suspended. Tough critic.

    I think both criticisms are legit. I would argue that (b) has to do with me still getting comfortable with the format. To memorize 5 minutes of new joke material each week is pretty difficult, especially trying to make it all appear seamless. I am still fleshing the concept out. When you are on the radio, you can look down at your notes. When you are taping a TV segment, you can cut and paste things to look like it was all done in one shot. This time I tried to do one take on the spot and while there are benefits to that, I’m not sure it isn’t better to do short cuts 3 or 4 times, until I get the one take muscle down.

    Hopefully this last paragraph was an inside look at the genius of Scott at work.

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