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I have very limited time right now, but will be performing at the Comedy Forum in the St. Louis area this week, so I have Saturday afternoon to do a draft. 

Bill James and Stats, INC. came up with a scoring system that was supposed to be a better version of fantasy baseball. I was invited into a league by one of the contributors at the Toaster who uses this system, but couldn’t make it work, so I thought I would make my own league using the system.  I did tweak a few things, as the James system also included 20 points for no-hitters and hitting for the cycle, plus 5 points for grand slam homers.  I excluded these, but did add 2 points for quality starts.  If you are interested, join up at    You should click on Baseball ’08 join a league.

The league ID is: 205329  The password is: juiceblog

If this doesn’t work for you, I will try to set up a second draft next week, as long as the twins don’t happen then.  Below I pasted all the details, so you know what you are getting yourself into. 

Scoring Type Points Only
Max Teams 14
Player universe All baseball
Max Acquisitions per Season 50
Max Trades per Season No maximum
Trade End Date August 17, 2008
Trade Review League Votes
Trade Reject Time 1 day
Waiver Time 1 day
Can’t Cut List Yahoo! Sports
Post Draft Players Follow Waiver Rules
League Start Date Monday, Mar 24
Roster Changes Daily – Tomorrow
Maximum Games Played 162
Maximum Innings Pitched 1300
Catcher (C) 1
First Base (1B) 1
Second Base (2B) 1
Third Base (3B) 1
Shortstop (SS) 1
Left Fielder (LF) 0
Center Fielder (CF) 0
Right Fielder (RF) 0
Outfield (OF) 3
Middle Infielder (MI) 0
Corner Infielder (CI) 0
Infielder (IF) 0
All Batters (Util) 2
Starters (SP) 5
Relievers (RP) 4
All Pitchers (P) 0
Disabled List (DL) 2
Bench (BN) 6


Scoring Settings

Edit Settings


At Bats -.5 Points
Runs 1 Points
Singles 2.5 Points
Doubles 3.5 Points
Triples 5.5 Points
Home Runs 6.5 Points
Runs Batted In 1 Points
Stolen Bases 1 Points
Caught Stealing -1 Points
Walks 1 Points
Intentional Walks 1 Points
Games Started 1 Points
Wins 6 Points
Losses -4 Points
Saves 6 Points
Outs 1 Points
Hits -1 Points
Runs -1 Points
Earned Runs -1 Points
Walks -1 Points
Intentional Walks -1 Points
Strikeouts .5 Points
Holds 4 Points
Quality Starts 2 Points
Blown Saves -3 Points

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  1. 1.  Looks like fun, my man. I’ve been trying to figure out how to edit the draft order… can’t do it, which is probably a good thing. 🙂

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