Meet Your AL MVP—So Far

If before the season you thought that Carlos Quentin would be the best player in the AL—I tip my cap to you. I guarantee you MLB didn’t think so, since he isn’t even on the all-star ballot. I guarantee you the White Sox didn’t think this would be the case, as they most likely would have sent him down to Triple A, if Jerry Owens wouldn’t have gotten hurt during spring training.

Since most have no idea what Quentin has done so far, try these stats on for size. Leads the AL in OPS and homers. He is 3rd in RBI’s and SLG, while is 4th in OBP and runs scored. His defense and base running has been better than his past reputation hinted at. The White Sox got him in the off-season for a good hit-no field minor league first baseman named Chris Carter, who the D-Backs shuffled off to the A’s in the Dan Haren trade.

Sure the D-Backs are loaded with young outfield talent, but this appears to be a major heist by the White Sox, as Quentin seems to have recovered the ablility he demonstrated in the minors. His biggest competition so far for AL MVP has been Josh Hamilton, who obviously is a compelling story. While they both have similar stats, I give the edge to Quentin, as the White Sox lead their division and Hamilton cost the Rangers the best pitcher up to this point, in all of baseball, Edinson Volquez.


7 thoughts on “Meet Your AL MVP—So Far

  1. 1.  Hmm. Winning team? Check. Best player on team? Not perceived as such, but check. Leader in RBI or HR? No. Good story? No. Good with media? No.

    Josh Hamilton wins it right now, but I think you’re ignoring Kevin Youkilis. Of course, if Hamilton stays in it for the Triple Crown, he’ll win it running away.

  2. 3.  Slagged on my own site, by my fellow founders of the place.

    I’m not saying he would get voted by the media as the MVP, but he has been the best player by a nose over Hamilton. Just look at the splits between the 2 players. Texas is the best hitting park in baseball, as Hamilton has taken advantage of to the tune of an OPS well over 100 points better than on the road. Quentin has actually hit better on the road. If you don’t believe me, ask Milton Bradley how great Arlington is to hit in.

    He is a legit candidate at this point. He is a good story, as he was given up for a moderate prospect. He is leading a team that has been the biggest surprise of the AL. (Baseball Prospectus said the Rays would be really good.)

  3. 4.  No, I’m not buying that argument either. VORP is park-adjusted and Hamilton wins there. WARP1 includes defense and it has Hamilton at 2.9 and Quentin at 2.2. I was stunned to see Hambone’s FRAA as a negative, which doesn’t match up with what I’ve seen or heard (pro opinions) of his defense. Hamilton’s also at a premium defensive position. Quentin is younger.

    And I’d hardly call it slagged. I’d have Quentin at 3 on my theoretical vote behind Hamilton and Youkilis. “Third best player in the league” isn’t an insult.

  4. 5.  I know, just throwing around some Pro Wrestling rhetoric. I guess I can go with the defensive advantage for Hamilton, but the VORP I’m not completely in agreement with, as look at the park splits for the Rangers versus the White Sox. Ultimately, it was piece I wrote to highlight Quentin, whose season has been mainly under the radar, except for AL Central fans.

  5. 6.  You are talking about the AL after all, isn’t it just as likely that Tori Hunter wins??

  6. 7.  Will’s pro-Youk because a girl once asked him if he was Kevin Youkilis. The resemblance, it is slightly not canny.

    I can only imagine how much gaudier Quentin’s numbers would be if he had some more base runners to drive in.

    After the inevitable Hamilton injury, Quentin will take the MVP!

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