Lance Armstrong Explains Why He Has So Much Energy

It has always seemed beyond remarkable that Lance Armstrong could dominate the Tour de France the way he did.  Now we find out what helps him achieve more today.  It’s an energy drink he’s pitching called FRS.  Wait until the French newspapers get a hold of this info.  I can’t wait to hear Greg LeMond’s interview on the subject of Lance’s new boost product.  I’m guessing Greg would begin with, ENERGY DRINK MY ASS

Speaking of Lance and ass, here is the one he has been pedaling on lately.  I’ve never been a big fan of Kate Hudson, but she does have about as perfect a pair of mudflaps as I’ve ever seen.  I feel like going out and buying one of those Lance Armstrong bracelets just as a show of respect to my man for riding those spongecakes. 



5 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong Explains Why He Has So Much Energy

  1. 4.  If you want your woman to look like a blend between anorexia and a teenage boy, knock yourself out.

    Give me a Natasha Henstridge or a Salma Hayek before these malnourished waifs.

  2. 5.  I’m a bigger fan of Salma Hayek, as well, butt…that is not the backside of an anorexic, well not unless you are Reggie Bush.

    I like me all shapes and sizes. I would guess that Nastasha has less body fat than Hudson, it’s just that she has a rack. My guess is that you are a breast man Jason. More power to you.

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