In Case Your Hatred/Jealousy of Tom Brady Wasn’t Complete





In the latest GQ magazine, Giselle Bundchen is photographed in what appears to be Tom Brady’s junior high football socks. And she makes it work. So you are the most successful quarterback of your generation, plus you date a supermodel who makes according to Forbes magazine, $35 million per year. Hey dude, how about spreading around some of your luck?

The only thing that makes me feel a bit better is that in his college career, the wisdom of coach, Lloyd Carr, had Brady on the bench behind Drew Henson. As a Iowa Hawkeye fan, I’m sure going to miss the dynamic leadership of Coach Carr.

9 thoughts on “In Case Your Hatred/Jealousy of Tom Brady Wasn’t Complete

  1. 4.  I’m not generally jealous of Brady. Assuming he’s faithful to Bundchen, he’s not going Jeter on the world and relegating me to sloppy seconds on every female on the planet.

    And I agree with poster 1-3, Bundchen is not my cup of tea. Her face is very Big Brown-esque.

  2. 5.  High maintenance this one. His previous gal, mother of his child, was giving birth on what turned out to be Giselle’s birthday. She threw a fit, forcing Brady to explain why he felt he had to be present at the birth of his first child.

    I’m really not jealous. I think we have the better angle on her.

  3. 6.  Fair enough. I think your overrule is correct. Let me restate.

    Poor Tom Brady. I just hope something goes right with his life soon.

  4. 7.  If we’re going by hot broads in relation to ourselves, I’ve pulled better wool.

    Not Giselle wool, but shit…You’re Tom Brady. You better pull that.

  5. 8.  You’re supposed to go above your station.

    Tom Brady is hotter than Giselle. There, I said it.

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