3-Star Football Picks 6-2 This Season

Overall college picks are 6-3, NFL picks are 6-4, while my top picks are 6-2.  Let’s see what this week brings.


Mississippi (+23) Florida

Alabama (+7) Georgia

North Carolina (+7.5) Miami

Michigan St. (-8) Indiana

3-star Virginia Tech (+7) Nebraska

3-star Ohio St. (-18) Minnesota

Arkansas (+28) Texas

My favorite college rule is to take a top-notch coach who is getting points.  See the first 3 picks and add VT and Arkansas to that list.  The 2 big ten games feature favorites who should be getting a TD against the spread.


3-star Washington (+11.5) Dallas

KC (+9) Denver

San Francisco (+6.5) New Orleans

Green Bay (+2) Tampa Bay

With bye weeks and a couple games off the board, a more limited slate to choose from.  I picked the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl, but they are coming off of 2 big National TV games in a row, so the scrappy Skins keep it under 10.  The Broncos have been extremely lucky, as their defense is really bad.  The 49ers are better than I thought they’d be, as Martz has the offense moving the ball.  The Packers are better than they showed Sunday night. 


3 thoughts on “3-Star Football Picks 6-2 This Season

  1. 2.  Mississippi (+23) Florida WIN

    Alabama (+7) Georgia WIN

    North Carolina (+7.5) Miami WIN

    Michigan St. (-8) Indiana WIN

    3-star Virginia Tech (+7) Nebraska WIN

    * A nice college week for Scott.

    3-star Ohio St. (-18) Minnesota

    Arkansas (+28) Texas

  2. 3.  I jinxed the Broncos apparently. Yeesh. Did won some moolah by taking the Saints minus the points vs. the Niners. That worked out.

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