One Out of My Last 12 College Selections Right…

…but I still have a winning overall record. I am freaking amazing! Well, let’s see what kind of wild streak I will go on this week.


(3-star) Northwestern (+7.5) Minnesota
Michigan St. (-6.5) Wisconsin
Auburn (+6.5) Mississippi
Colorado (+3.5) Texas A&M
Wake Forest (-8) Duke
4-star Arizona St. (+15.5) Oregon St.

I keep going against the Gophers, but then I’ve been against the Cats as well all year, so we will see if I got on the wrong team. The only other one I will discuss is my Pac-10 Game of the Year. The team from Tempe has been one of the big disappointments of 2008. Their talent level should make this an even game, and while I like Riley a lot, I suspect the game will go down to the wire. Hey, but what do I know, in 2 weeks I’ve went from having an overall record of 21-9 to 22-20.


Dallas (+9) NY Giants
Indy/New England (under 44)

I HATE this week’s NFL games.