Catch Past Juice Blog Contributor Tommy Johnagin on Comedy Central this Friday

If there is a better comic under the age of 30 than Tommy Johnagin, I haven’t seen him. This Friday night, Tommy’s Comedy Central special will debut at 10:00 pm EST.  A couple of years ago, Tommy wrote a great road story for this site.  Since then, he has had a meteoric rise in the comedy biz, which includes a highly coveted spot on Lettermen in 2008.  (Very few standups get on with Dave.)  Now comes the Comedy Central special, which I’m pretty confident you will love. 

On another standup note, I want to congratulate another good friend, Dan Cummins for finishing 3rd in the Comedy Central Standup Showdown.  If you haven’t seen Dan’s standup, you are missing out, as he has a completely original voice.  While this is not like his standup, I suggest you check out the Myspace video he has done, featuring the talents of a Johnny Gunn

Johnny Gunn "Johnny Shake"  1 of 6

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