The Roberto Alomar Saga

When I heard today about how Roberto Alomar’s ex-girlfriend was suing him for refusing to wear a condom, even though he was HIV positive, my thoughts went in a few directions.  If it is true, that is criminal behavior.  I was saddened that Alomar could be HIV positive.  I wondered how the woman could be so stupid to fuck a guy over a 4-year period who she questioned might have a sexual disease?  I was most surprised, though, that Roberto Alomar for the past 4 years had been having sex with a woman.

For a long time there has been rumors around baseball that Robbie was gay.  When the story came out in 2002 about a Mets player being involved with Out Magazine editor Brendan Lemon, the media talk all centered around Mike Piazza.  The rumors became so strong that Piazza had to address the subject with the press, refuting the notion that he was a catcher off the field.  (If you aren’t aware, I’m an equal opportunity offender.)  Another Met, at the time, who was never mentioned in the media rumor campaign was Roberto Alomar.  I have no idea if he was the player sucking Lemon, but I know of people who thought he was the guy.

The first time I heard the rumors about him being gay was when I read a piece by a great baseball blogger named Alex Ciepley.  At the time, Ciepley was writing a blog named Ball Talk where his main focus was baseball, but he was always open about himself being gay.  While reading Ciepley’s piece titled Baseball’s Top 10 Gay Icons, I learned something new about Alomar. Here was Ciepley’s blurb.

Alomar had a wee mustache in his youth, and later sported full-on beards, most notably tennis star Mary Pierce. So who was that gay Met that Valentine was supposedly trying to protect? Ladies-man Mike grabbed all the press, but here’s thinking the man at the keystone was a better suspect.

Great line on Mary Pierce. I wish I would have come up with it.  Since Ciepley’s piece, I’ve heard from a few other people in the baseball biz that Alomar was known for being gay.  It is kind of ironic that Alomar’s last manager was Ozzie Guillen, a man who thinks the word fag is a noun, verb, adjective, etc.  You would think a guy who used to look like a member of Menudo would be more politically correct on this subject.  Maybe I’m naive, but I also think that Ozzie would be the type of manager who would be very accepting of a gay player, especially if he could play like Robbie during his prime.  Ozzie is a different type of dude.  Kind of like the modern day Don Rickles, doing his schtick and then at the end of show hugging everybody and telling them he fuckeen loves them.

Now don’t get me wrong about this piece.  Believe me, I don’t care if you are gay or not.  I’m a supporter of gay rights.  In my standup act, I discuss homosexuality in an all over the board style.  The basic viewpoint I leave is this.  When it comes to being gay, I believe people should be able to live their lives the way they want, as long as they don’t hurt anyone else.  And that is why…after my show on the way out…if you are homophobic…I will try to dry hump you.  I call it humping against homophobia and it is my cause.

I think it is sad that no male athlete in a team sport has come out because of the stigma it has among most players.  To think that it is over 60 years since Jackie Robinson broke the color line in Major League Baseball, but no active player has ever admitted to being gay in the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.  On some levels, a player like Roberto Alomar would have been the perfect candidate, as he was one of the Top 5 second baseman in the history of the game and came from a well-respected baseball family. (father Sandy Sr. and brother Sandy Jr.) Instead, we sit here still waiting for when a player in a team sport pushes society to accept his hot man on man action.  You can’t tell me that in a world where T.O. keeps his job despite constant disruptions, that a superstar player who just happens to be gay can’t thrive, despite that his sexual orientation might include making sweet love to a someone with the same equipment bag.


I ran across this photo of Gabe Kapler, in the Ciepley piece .  Do you think this guy might have been one of the 103 other players not mentioned outside of A-Rod?  If not, I want to get his training regime.

Male Camel Toe Sufferer

Male Camel Toe Sufferer


For my lesbian readers who feel I have not represented them here today, here is your moment of Zen.  (It is for me, at least.)


This video got my 2008 Scissor Sisters award for making me feel totally gay when dancing to it.  Thanks MGMT.

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